29 November 2011:ELOGeo in the JISCGeo Program Meeting

ELOGeo team has attended the JISCGeo Program Meeting on 28-29 Novemner 2011 in London, where all the JISCGeo project has been reviewed. It has also been our pleasure to win the "Best Project Management" award. More details are here.

4 November 2011: ELOGeo Project at the end of official development period

The ELOGeo repository was launched in June 2011 and just within the 5 months was successful in building a community of contributors and users for the project which itself is a great testimony for the project. As of November 1, 2011, ELOGeo has 58 registered users, with 66 materials (lecture notes, practicals, handouts, papers etc) being submitted to the repository by the community. In this 5 month period we had over 17000 views for the materials with over 3000 searches performed which clearly shows the strong demand for ELOGeo platform. We are extremely thankful for the strong support from the Open Source geospatial community which made this results possible.

5 October 2011: ELOGeo Usability Survey

We are conducting a usability survey to help us get feedback on the E-learning for Open Geospatial Community (ELO-Geo) . The survey will take around 5-10 minutes and will make very useful information for us in order to improve the framework in the future. The survey link is http://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/mimas/elogeo_usability

1 October 2011: ELOGeo Wiki Launched

The project wiki is now live and the link is functional from the right panel. This wiki is designed to be a Web 2.0 tool for creating, editing and accessing the wiki-style materials related to the target of the project. We welcome contribution from around the globe to enrich this wiki. The first contribution available on this wiki has been started under the title of World Bank SDI Report.

1 August 2011: ELOGeo 1000+ visitors

Since when the ELOGeo repository going live we have crossed 1000+ visitors from all over the world and growing. We are extremely pleased seeing the good results and excellent feedback from the open geospatial community for this initiative.

21 June 2011: The ELOGeo repository is now live

At the same time of running the OSGIS conference, we are please to announce that the repository of the courses materials is now available for all. Please use the "open courses repository" in the main page to access this. It will be a great chance for all the open geospatial community to use this repository as a sharing media for all sorts of learning materials that you think can be useful by others. More information are available here.

21 June 2011: The 3rd Open Source GIS Conference (OS GIS UK 2011) is now running in Nottingham

More information including the video coberage of this event is available through the conference website at:http://www.opensourcegis.org.uk

28 April 2011: Project Email List

A mailing list has been made for the project under JISCMail system. This will also help us to make the online community of the project collaborators and users. Messages emailed to elogeo@jiscmail.ac.uk will then be delivered to the list members. To subscribe in this list, please follow the "subscribe" link on http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/elogeo

1 April 2011: Survey closed, Now the results

We have received a great set of repliesduring the recent user's requirement survey. Thanks to all participants!

An initial summary of the collected information can be found here.

15 March 2011: A Survey for ELOGeo Users' Requirement Study is Launched

As part of the JISC funded ELOGeo (An e-Learning Framework for Using Geospatial Open Data, Open Source and Open Standards ) project , we are carrying out an User Requirements study at http://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/mimas/elogeo . We welcome staff and students from all disciplines to participate in this. We greatly appreciate your time spent in answering these questions and we welcome any comments that you have regarding this project. The survey closes on 27th March 2010.

28 Feb. 2011: Related Event: The 3rd Open Source GIS Conference (OS GIS UK 2011) in Nottingham

The Centre for Geospatial Science, UK Chapter of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo:UK), GNSS Research and Application Centre for Excellence (GRACE) and the ICA Working Group on Open Source Geospatial Technologies are organizing the conference. The conference has an international focus and a holistic outlook, bringing together speakers and delegates from government, academic, industry, software developers, open source communities and geospatial researchers. High profile speakers from all over the world will be giving presentations and hands-on workshops. We are particularly pleased to announce that OSGIS 2011 keynote address will be delivered by Professor Thierry Badard (Laval University, Canada). more...

8 Feb. 2011: CGS becomes an honorary member of the gvSIG Association - Building up gvSIG Community in UK

The Centre for Geospatial Science (CGS) has accepted an invitation to join the gvSIG Association as an Honorary Member. In signing the collaboration agreement it becomes the first research centre in the UK to be accepted as an Honorary member of the gvSIG Association. The agreement was signed by Mrs. Amelia del Rey on behalf of the gvSIG Association as Business Development Manager and Dr. Suchith Anand on behalf of the Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham. more...

7 Feb. 2011: ELOGeo project page at the University of Nottingham website

We are pleased to announce that we now have new hardware infrastructure in place for open source research: 5 dual boot PCs with Ubuntu are now setup dedicated fully for open source research and development, not only by staff and students at CGS, but also open to interested researchers from other researche institutes and universities. With the coming of new servers soon, this will give us excellent research infrastructure in place for all open source research developments for the immediate future. For furthur details, please contact Dr. Suchith Anand.

4 Feb. 2011: ELOGeo project page at the University of Nottingham website

The ELOGeo project has been introduced via the CGS webpage at the University of Nottingham website. This page also includes information about the project outline, partners and a link to this webpage as well. The page address is http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/cgs/research/researchprojects/elogeo.aspx

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