Meet the ELOGeo Team

Prof. Mike Jackson - the project director

Mike Jackson has over 30 years experience of the location-based services, mapping, and remote sensing sectors within government, industry and academia. Appointed in April 2005 to a new research Chair in Geospatial Science at Nottingham University, he has established the Centre for Geospatial Science with University support of over 1m and substantial government and industry sponsorship. He is a non-executive Director of the Open Geospatial Consortium Inc. (OGC), Chairman of OGC Europe and an ACPO GI Panel member.

Amir Pourabdollah - the project manager

Amir Pourabdollah is a research fellow in geospatial science at the Centre for Geospatial Science. He has MSc and PhD in Information Technology from the University of Nottingham and has done research in Spatial Data Infrastructure, GIS workflows and knowledge management, positioning technologies, distant learning and ubiquitous computing.

Suchith Anand

Suchith Anand is Research Fellow at the Centre for Geospatial Science. He is the chair of the ICA Commission on Open Source Geospatial Technologies and chair of Open Source GIS Conference Series.

Jeremy Morley

Jeremy Morley has been Deputy Director of the Centre for Geospatial Science at the University of Nottingham since September 2009. He is the UK representative to EuroSDR and a member of the UK Location Programme's User Group. His interests lie in the interface between formal, OGC- or SDI-based online GIS and informal, mashup-style online content, and the effects of ubiquitous computing and sensing on our understanding of the world.

Didier G. Leibovici

Didier Leibovici is a Research Fellow in geospatial modelling and analysis. He has a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Masters in Information Technology from the University of Montpellier II. He has expertise in statistics, spatial and non-spatial data modelling, GIS application modelling, meta-information, conflation models and spatial interaction existing in spatio-temporal analysis and integrated modelling.

Kamie Kitmitto

Kamie Kitmitto manages the Landmap service providing satellite, aerial photography, digital elevation models, feature data and Geomatics training materials for UK academia. He has been providing training and support to academics, staff and students since 1992 and has been supporting, adding value, creating and quality assuring Geomatics data since 1998.

Yin Min Tun

Yin Min Tun has been involved in the design, QA and ingestion of the Landmap Learning Zone. She is working on the Metadata project for enhancing the Landmap service. She is also an editor of the landmap website. Yin will be working on ingesting the created materials into the Landmap Learning Zone CMS.

Gail Millin-Chalabi

Gail Millin-Chalabi is the Geodata Services Development Officer at Landmap. She has been working for Landmap since 2005 and has gained expertise in OGC standards, image processing, metadata and e-learning. Main activities involve the development of the Landmap Spatial Data Infrastructure and co-ordinating new content for the Learning Zone.

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