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Title: Interoperable Framework for Mobile Dynamic Surveying based on open source components
Authors: Pawlowicz, Sergiusz
Leibovici, Didier G.
Ye, Chaoyu
Jiang, Wenchao
Adams, Natalie
Anand, Suchith
Haines-Young, Roy
Subject: Crowd Sourcing;Adaptive Driven Architecture;Data Validation;Participatory GIS;Location Based Services;OGC Web Services;Ubiquitous Computing;Open Software
Material Type: Paper
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2011
Publisher: OSGIS 2011 Conference Proceedings
Abstract: The exponential growth and popularity of mobile devices in the last few years, their location-based services capabilities, broadband connectivity and ease of use, enable general public participation in all kinds of crowd sourcing applications. One of the most interesting possible uses of crowd sourcing are improved surveys, based on ordinary people’s perceptions and feelings. The spatio-temporal characteristics associated to the surveyed data bring usually an important focus of the survey. Nonetheless, to be widely used and to derive useful information, two major hurdles have to be overcome: (i) the technical complexities presented by the range of operating systems in mobile phones and network availability, (ii) the risks associated with the quality of the data collected. This paper describes a solution to these problems developed on top of an open source stack. A dynamic surveying knowledge server, with a spatial database, holds remotely layers of information related to a particular survey, guiding and supporting in-field surveyors with up to date or even live data. The server side of the dynamic surveying knowledge system contains plugged-in processing algorithms allowing the support to be survey specific. The implementation is designed as a generic framework, so both the client and the server can support many types of surveys with minimal effort.
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