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Title: The LNS Web-GIS: A Fish Migration Data and Information Resource
Authors: Green, David R
Karnam, Shirisha
De La Fons, Guillaume
Langowski, Lukasz
Subject: Living North Sea;Fish Migration;Mapping;WebGIS;Open Software
Material Type: Paper
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: COPS, University of Aberdeen
Citation: David R. Green, Shirisha Karnam, Guillaume De La Fons, and Lukasz Langowski, 2010. The LNS Web-GIS: A Fish Migration Data and Information Resource. College of Physical Sciences. Bulletin.. December 2010. Vol. 29:10-11.
Abstract: The 6m Euro Living North Sea (LNS) Interreg funded project, comprising fifteen (15) EU partners seeks to identify key issues and solutions for fish migration in the North Sea. It is working on re-connecting the rivers and deltas around the North Sea region and focuses on: addressing knowledge gaps about fish populations that depend on free movement between the North Sea and freshwater systems; innovative fish migration measures; collaborating with local water management authorities and policy makers; creating greater public awareness about the Living North Sea and its aims and future achievements. It aims to promote ‘free’ fish migration from sea to source and migration routes; threats from man-made barriers and fish migration measures; and influencing future policy at a regional, national and international level and informing the general public. Provision and ease of access to data and information resources is very important. Through a web-portal a Web-GIS can provide a single interface providing end-users with a simple, intuitive and familiar window onto both scientific data and information presented in the form of an interactive map. This paper presents an overview of the LNS project with a special focus on the development of a web-based GIS.
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