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Title: Location-awareness and Ubiquitous Cities
Authors: Jackson, Mike
Gardner, Zoe
Wainwright, Thomas
Subject: Open Standards;Interoperability;Ubiquitous Cities;Location Based Services
Material Type: Technical Report
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2011
Abstract: The research undertaken for this Report addresses the question: “Does the convergence of previously discrete strands of information and communications technology (ICT), through the medium of location awareness, offer an integrating framework for the implementation of citizen-friendly ubiquitous cities? In attempting to answer this question the report examines the different concepts of the ubiquitous city and closely aligned concepts such as the ‘digital city’, ‘intelligent city’ and ‘ambient society’, in order to explore: (i) how U-Cities are different to earlier technological cities, and (ii) what challenges and opportunities U-Cities bring. The report reviews existing city and interoperability case studies and argues that recent developments in the convergence of ICT and location-aware technology are now making the U-City vision a realisable goal. The U-City concept has been heavily predicated on the development of interoperability standards. These standards are enabling the blending of multiple strands of information and communications technology and e-services to capture and distribute rich, context-related data. The report also outlines some of the potential limitations experienced by digital, intelligent, and ambient cities that may affect U-Cities. It makes recommendations regarding the future of location-aware ICT in urban planning and management. Finally, it examines the role of ‘crowd-sourcing’ and public participation in the acquisition and sharing of data and the consequent implications for the role of government in urban governance, planning and management.
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